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The clit bullet egg is so amazing

2018-7-30 09:26

If you have a magic bullet sex toy, it is equivalent to having the whole world.Women don't want to sneak around, it is an excellent tool for perfect sex, beauty, and home travel!Increase sex feeling:T ...

If you have a clit bullet egg sex toy, it is equivalent to having the whole world.
Women don't want to sneak around, it is an excellent tool for perfect sex, beauty, and home travel!

Increase sex feeling:
The sexual pleasure brought by the little vibrator is its main function. As long as it is any sensitive point of the body, you can satisfy yourself.

Stimulate the chest
You can gradually "offensive" along the neck, stimulating the chest, around the areola, and the nipples, all of which are sensitive locations that can lengthen or shorten the time of teasing according to your preferences.

Touch the whole body
Relax your body and mind as much as possible, let your partner cooperate with the lubricating fluid, do irregular walking vibrations on your body, close your eyes and let the other side be at the mercy, giving people a sense of pleasure.

Stimulating the vulva
Before actually entering an extremely sensitive private place, you can first vibrate around the vulva and feel different frequencies, which can stimulate the desire for further experience.

Stimulate the clitoris(clit bullet egg)
Stimulate the sensitive point of the clitoris, first by low frequency, gradually speed up the frequency. At this moment, you may be unable to endure. There will be overflowing of love liquid in the private parts. The vibrating stick will be from top to bottom, and the whole body will stimulate the clitoris and labia, and the pleasure will multiply.

Stimulating perineum
Can't help but put the vibrator into the body now? Not urgent! Stimulate the perineum first, it will make you more enjoyable! This position is close to the sensitive clitoris, and it is close to the vagina outside, stimulating it, you can't help but clamp your legs.

Stimulate G spotter(G spotter bullet)
With the lubricating fluid, gradually enter the vagina, look for the g point of 4-5cm obliquely above, with the vibrating rod, it will be very comfortable, with the same speed of different insertions, the climax will soon come.

Stimulate the anus(anal bullet egg)
If your anus is very sensitive, you can also use the vibrator to find your own pleasure. Pay attention to the cleansing of the anus. Do not stimulate the anus and enter the vagina. Clean the vibrator in place.

Beauty features:
Staying up late affecting the eyes? The little vibrator can help you! Massage the eye and call it the latest portable high-tech beauty equipment.

Body massage:
The body is the foundation of everything, what should I do if I am exhausted? The little vibrator can still give you a comfortable experience! Massage the cervical spine, relax the muscles, massage the knee joints, and relieve fatigue.

A small clit bullet egg, can't be underestimated, the method used is right, does it seem to have the whole world?
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